Dapper Day: Fashionable Fall Fun at Disneyland

Sashay through the world's most famous theme park as thousands gather in their vintage-y bests.

THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH? To count, one by one, all of its delightful details, and swirly touches, and bright hues, and eye-catching designs, would take months, if not years, if not an entire lifetime. For Disneyland Resort, that large-of-scale, huge-of-vision destination, has spent over six storied decades reveling in the art of fantasy, of presentation, and of nostalgic delight. But many people who call upon the Anaheim landmark want to weave into all of that design, and hue-brightness, and nostalgic style, too, and they do so with their outfits, their attitude, and their sheer joie de vivre. Of course, guests are welcome to get dressy any ol' day of the year at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure, and spying a lady rocking a crinoline and old-school frock, or a gentleman in a boater hat, is not all that unusual. But the style really sings, like a group of ghosts or a band of happy animals, when...

DAPPER DAY... rolls back around. It's a twice-a-year thing at the Orange County destination, and it also happens at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando and at Disneyland, too. The fall gathering is up on Sunday, Nov. 5 in Anaheim, though festivities and fashion moments'll run throughout the weekend, with the Dapper Day Expo, Fall Edition spreading out over a good hunk of the Disneyland Hotel on both Saturday, Nov. 4 and Sunday, Nov. 5. What are we insinuating by "good hunk"? Picture a marketplace crammed with vintage goodies of the wearble sort, and imagine it taking up some 30,000 feet. If you simply want to show to show off your awesome ensemble, whether it is from the 1940s, the '70s, or even today, you can, but note: You'll need to buy admission to enter the parks. Glam up, Disney devotees, in your hats, gloves, and pumps, and make for what's become one of the marquee vintage gatherings in all of the glammy Golden State.

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