Find a ‘Forage and Ferment' Adventure in Mendo

Join a new hands-on experience from the Little River Inn.

ASKING ABOUT THE INGREDIENTS... found in a dish? Many a diner does so, if the information isn't already explained, in full, on the menu. For wondering where the legumes were grown, or the cheese was made, or the herbs were picked can be part of the whole food-enjoying process. Everything has a story, it is said, and we eaters are audience members, awaiting the delicious details. But going out ourselves and gathering those cuisine-essential components is not just about learning the story of ingredient but playing a part in it, too. How often, though, do we get that chance? In short, not a whole lot, if ever. But the...

LITTLE RIVER INN... in Mendocino County is changing that up for the curious and adventurous foodie over the first weekend of summer. How? By holding the educational and flavorful Mendocino Coast Forage & Ferment Experience, a "... 2-day/2-night event that will teach attendees how to forage for and preserve local sea and forest edibles." Not only will participants learn how to forage, and what to look for, but the whole event wraps up with a "... grand feast highlighting the harvested goodies." And, for sure, you'll be staying at the historic inn, which just marked its 75th anniversary.

THE MENDOCINO COAST... is home to thousands of different mushrooms, and all sorts of straight-from-the-waves delicacies, like sea urchin and crab and "savory" seaweed. You might gather such goodies, or huckleberries, or seeds, or all of the above. For information on the pros that'll be leading the foraging, on acquiring a California fish license (a must for the tidepool part of the experience), and other details on this truly one-of-a-kind getaway, pull on your waders and wade in, now, to all the details you need.

AND THE DATES? You'll be there on the nights of June 22 and 23, 2018.

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