Wild Valentine's at Lindsay Wildlife Experience

Ever wanted to give a homemade valentine to an animal? Here's your tot's sweet chance.

NO HEMMING, HAWING, or claiming that you've never done it, or that you're not aware that the practice exists: People tend to spoil their pets on holidays, including Valentine's Day. This means heart-shaped meat-filled cakes for pups, and cat-nippy Cupid toys for a favorite feline, and all of the other pet-ready doodads that symbolize the February holiday. But while we spoil our pets on the fourteenth day of the second month, we are not sending the love, as a rule, to the wilder critters who live beyond our yards and homes. Though, surely, we feel love for the hawks and owls and chuckwallas and bees and rabbits that call our forests and deserts and mountain slopes home. So, do we make that time-honored gesture of appreciate where our wilderness-based beasties are concerned? There's no need to drive out to the nearest copse or forested glen; we only need to load up the family in the station wagon and make for Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek. For the animal center, which includes a wildlife hospital, will feature Valentine's-type to-dos from...

FEB. 8 THROUGH 12, 2017: Your young'un can write a Valentine to her favorite Lindsay Wildlife animal ambassador, showing appreciation and fondness, during the "Wild Valentines" event. There will also be chances to pet real animals, too. As for the grown-up happening, "Kiss & Tail: An Evening of Wild Romance"? That's on Friday, Feb. 10 and is strictly for the 21-and-over crowd (think wine tasting, a raffle, and all sorts of fabulous facts detailing the intricacies of animal courtship). Ready to find a wildlife-lovely dimension to our most heartful holiday? Ever told an owl you live him? Here's your chance to take some of that affection expressed for our furry companions and share it with our wider, wilder world.

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