Zuckerberg Facebook Post Crashes Startup Website

Zuck: "Awesome." Traffic: Off the charts

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It's kind of like Oprah's book club, but for apps.

Mark Zuckerberg, taking to the social network he founded, to praise a startup's product. Big deal? Just ask iGrill, which saw traffic to its website go so high, the thing briefly crashed.

Zuck posted (on his Facebook page, natch) about iGrill, an 80 dollar piece of hardware that, when paired with an app, lets you keep track of the food you're grilling via bluetooth. So you could be in the kitchen or by the pool, and not lose track of the meat you're grilling.

The reaction was swift. iGrill says it typically gets about 70,000 hits on its website a month. After Zuckerberg's posting, traffic zoomed to 1,000 hits A MINUTE. Enough to temporarily crash the server.

Tens of thousands of people quickly "liked" the Facebook posting, and now iGrill is in the spotlight.

According to iGrill CEO Christopher Allen, the Zuckerberg endorsement was a surprise, and there's no financial arrangement between the two.  It looks to be a good week for sales of iGrill, and of Fred steaks, which Zuckerberg says he was cooking at the time.

Scott can be found grilling on Twitter:  @scottbudman

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