Flitting to San Diego Zoo Safari Park: Butterfly Jungle

The beautiful experience will alight at the animal park in March.

DO YOU FLIT ENOUGH? It may be an unfair question to pin on anyone, for flitting seems to suggest a real lightness of heart, and buoyancy-filled outlook, and, yes, maybe some warm weather, too, which is more conducive to the act of flittery. (When it is cold we tend to stomp or huddle our way along, which is understandable.) We humans don't always have all of those things going on, but, gosh, do we often wish we did. And if ever a season was made for sheer flit-a-tude, it is springtime, when flowers are opening to the sky and the sun is coaxing leaves to return to trees and waterfalls to again splash over the cliffsides they've known for eons. And, yes, it is also right around that flitty time of year that Butterfly Jungle returns to San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The popular limited-time experience, which will actually open at the destination just a pinch before the start of spring, should inspire everyone who has done a bit of slogging or slumping in recent months to find their inner flitter. Opening day in 2018 is...

SATURDAY, MARCH 10: Step one, which is a recommendation and not mandatory? Wear brighter hues, all to attract the 30+ species inhabiting the jungle (which is presented by San Diego METRO Credit Union, along with San Diego Zoo Safari Park). There will be thousands of flying wingwonders to see, along with "exotic birds, lush greenery and flowers." And where to the stars of Butterfly Jungle, which will include the orange-barred tiger, the Grecian shoemaker, and the blue morpho, hail from? The Americas, South, Central, and North. Your admission to the park gains you entry to Butterfly Jungle, but keep in mind that "(p)riority butterfly viewing is available for a nominal fee." Final day to see this fabulous flit crew? Flit by before Sunday, April 15.

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