After Teen Dies, Friends Wear Her Prom Dress in Memory

Four teens wore their friend's prom dress to keep her memory alive on their biggest high school night.

Catherine Malatesta was the original owner of the long blue dress that she wore to her junior prom a year ago. Malatesta, 16, died of stage 4 cancer on Aug. 2. To keep her memory alive her friends Jillian Danton, Emma Schambers, Lauren Hourican and Carly Blau wore her dress to their own prom, 'Today' show reported.

And just like in the film 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants' the dress fit all the teens perfectly with only one necessary alteration.

"It was bittersweet but it was magical at the same time because it was like she was with me, and it was very special to wear the gown she loved so much," said Emma Schambers, 18, of East Greenwich, Rhode Island. "It was an honor."

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