Google Cloud Has 5GB Free: Rumor

Need an incentive to move your data off those local hard drives and into the cloud? Rumor has it that Google's launching its own online storage service next week and giving everybody tons of free storage to start.

Called "Google Drive

," the search giant's service would go head-to-head withDropbox

, an cloud storage service that currently offers its customers 2GB of free storage upon sign-up.

Drive would have the leg up on Dropbox with the extra 3GB of storage, but be on equal footing wit Apple's iCloud and Box — both of which already offer 5GB of free storage to its users.

If you're looking for the most amount of free storage for storing sake and not app-syncing/integration, there's Microsoft's SkyDrive which comes with 25GB of free online storage (each file is capped at 50MB, which kind of blows).

It's highly believed that Google will provide paid options that let users pay up for more storage, as 5GB is not a lot for today's hungry data hippos.

You ready to hand over more of your data to Google?


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