IPad 3 May Have a Thinner, Lighter, Longer-Lasting Battery

One of the iPad 2's biggest selling points is how much thinner it is than the original iPad. But according to new reports, the battery that'll be in the iPad 3 will be even lighter and thinner than its predecessors, allowing for an even thinner device.

The new battery will also be longer-lasting in addition to being thinner and lighter, which is good, as the chances of the screen getting a resolution boost to a Retina-level 2048x1536 are good, and that'll require some extra juice.

In any case, the next-gen iPad should be revealed early next year, and it'll be interesting to see what improvements it'll bring along with it. Is thinner and lighter going to be enough this time around, or do we want more than that? Let us know down below.

Cens via Electronista

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