Start-Up Recruits with $10,000 and Pabst Blue Ribbon

Hipster, a San Francisco-based start-up, is recruiting employees by offering $10,000 and a lifetime supply of Pabst Blue Ribbon. It also offers "authentic" skinny jeans, striped bowties, and a pair of Buddy Holly glasses.

The play on the hipster persona is the start-up's way of competing for talent in an already competitive field. Zynga offers free haircuts and iPads, Instagram offers free lunches and tech events lure recruits with beer, sushi and pizza. However, few can match Google and Facebook's starting six-figure salaries.

So the result is for a start-up to stand out and Hipster is doing just that, with a campaign to amuse and interest programmers and engineers who may or may not consider themselves hipsters (if you have to ask, you probably aren't.) The actual start-up lets people post queries and answer them about specific locations via mobile and Web.

“As you know, recruiting is insanely competitive right now, so we wanted to do something that would break through the noise, and get the attention of the people we’re trying to reach,” Doug Ludlow, one of the founders of the company, told the New York Times.

However, we don't think any employee needs an ironic mullet to work there.

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