Thursday Watch List: Fabulous Male Figure Skaters!

Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things tonight that may be worth flaking on your friend’s birthday party for. Why go? That girl throws herself a party EVERY YEAR. LET’S GO!


TONIGHT! It’s the supermegafaboo men’s figure skating free skate final. I’m going to get a little catty here and say this: I do not care for Evgeni Plushenko’s hair. It’s very 80’s. It’s very Eddie Money, and Eddie Money hair is NOT gold medal hair.

While the men often take a backseat to the women when it comes to figure skating, I suggest you tune in regardless. I find this group of men far more compelling than their female counterparts. Johnny Weir alone provides the passive aggression of 70 Michael Kors. And we’re way overdue for a judging scandal of some sort. We’ve already got the French and Russian judges marked as crooked. But what about the Japanese judge? I’ve seen Iron Chef. Japanese judges are as crooked as they come.

Also tonight: the women’s super combined gold medal skiing final. Will Lindsey Vonn win? And why is she so clothed on the race course? That’s not right. ANTICIPATION: GOLD


If you’re dating someone who is still holding onto this show, you need to get out. My wife finally relinquished me from the clutches of Grey’s after the ferry accident. I have been a whole new man ever since. I hope Izzy falls down a well. ANTICIPATION: COLONOSCOPY


One of the villains passes out tonight. But which villain? And from what? Exhaustion? Inebriation? Strangulation? ARE THEY FAKING IT? That would be soooo villain-like. ANTICIPATION: UNCONSCIOUS AND DROOLING ON SAND


See Chuck Norris kick some butt before he became that dude you always see at 3:30 a.m. working out with Christie Brinkley. ANTICIPATION: CHUCK NORRIS DOES NOT ANTICIPATE. ANTICIPATION ANTICIPATES HIM! OR SOMETHING.

PROJECT RUNWAY – 10:00PM (Lifetime)

The designers have to dress children. Now THAT is a challenge. Take it from me. It takes eight years to get my kid to put on her stupid jacket. Then I turn around and she takes it right back off. ANTICIPATION: HOPING FOR CRYING GIRL TO GET THE BOOT

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