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Another Passenger Bails on the Good Ship Gavin Newsom

His flack departed, San Francisco's mayor grows ever snippier with reporters



    Another Passenger Bails on the Good Ship Gavin Newsom
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    Gavin Newsom's departure from the governor's race means less great material for reporters unless some other Democrat steps up to take on Jerry Brown.

    Spokesman Nathan Ballard's resignation Monday was just the latest in a long string.

    Ballard, known for his penchant for pot jokes, puns, and double entendres when providing the media with quips, will return to his former life in public relations.

    The split comes shortly after Newsom jetted to Hawaii after quitting the gubernatorial race without informing people, leaving Ballard at an election morning breakfast making up excuses for a mayoral no-show.

    The mayor's deputy press secretary Joe Arellano will serve as the guy on Newsom's sizable communications team who actually talks to the press.

    Because Newsom can't be bothered -- when he finally got caught by Joe Vasquez of CBS in City Hall, he said he was "working hard. And that's all I really have to say," before saying that he's "doing fantastic" and that "you guys should consider your reporting."

    Oh, snap!

    Last week, Vasquez wrote that he was given the bum's rush out of City Hall while trying to get Newsom to talk.

    Speaking of snaps, Newsom's progressive political foes are suggesting that the mayor's administration is "imploding" to asking the mayor to save money by not appointing a replacement.

    As for the city business that he's presumably attending to instead of talking to the press? Well, it seems that the economic downturn means less revenue -- and more deficits -- and promises to leave the already battered city budget in tatters.

    Jackson West would totally resign in a snit from his cushy job at City Hall if he had one.