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Newsom Says He's Ready for Life as a Wine Clerk

Mayor also goes after President Obama in national interview



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    Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco speaks at a news conference to announce a new jobs initiative August 12, 2009 at the One Stop Career Link Employment Center in San Francisco, California. The ''Jobs Now'' initiative aims to employ 1,000 San Franciscans using $25 million in federal stimulus funds. The program is designed specifically for unemployed individuals with an income of less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level and with at least one child.

    Mayor Gavin Newsom is ready for his life after politics as a wine store clerk. The former gubernatorial hopeful says he is ready to step out of politics and back into the wine industry, where he made millions before becoming the mayor of San Francisco and later struggled with a drinking problem.

    The quick descent of  the once rising star in the Democratic party to the media shy wine clerk is documented in an interview with the New York Times national columnist Maureen Dowd this week.

    Newsom explains why he is done with politics and his disappointment with President Barack Obama, who was once mentioned in the same breathe as Newsom as the future of their party.

    “There were five of us. A guy named Obama. I’m like ‘Why is he in here? This is ridiculous. I mean, he’s a state senator. I’m kind of insulted,’ Newsom told the Times. "Life was really good, and then it came crashing down. ‘You’re not going to be speaking at the convention. We overbooked.’ And then it becomes the house of cards with the Democrats excusing themselves from visits to this city and being in the same room with me.

    Newsom lambasted Mr. Obama and his party for not following his lead on gay marriage.

    "It’s fundamentally inexcusable for a member of the Democratic Party to stand on the principle that separate is now equal, but only on the basis of sexual orientation," he said.
    His rift with the Democratic party is just part of the reason he says he is ready to hang up his political mitts. But the threat is one the mayor has made before.

    “This is it. God bless. It was fun while it lasted,” he said. “Guys like me don’t necessarily progress very far, which is fine.”

    If Newsom does live up to his threat, let us be the first to say it was interesting covering the always colorful mayor.