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There's Still Time to Catch Olympics Fever

Get Olympics Experience For Just Over $1,000



    There's Still Time to Catch Olympics Fever
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    There's still time to catch Olympic fever.

    If the speed of Monday night's men's downhill competition didn't excite you, then maybe Vancouver isn't for you.

    But if the speed gave you a rush, then Helen Baldovinos with San Jose's Let's Travel says she can still get you close to the action.

    For just over $1,000, Baldovinos can get you a car, airfare, and a motel. The only catch is that motel is in a town called Bellingham, Washington

    Bellingham is a border town, and only about 40 minutes from Vancouver. Baldovinos found a motel there for as little as  $80 per night.

    "It's affordable," she said. "There's accommodations in Bellingham, and a lot of people didn't think about border towns."

    The handful of rooms Baldovinos found in Vancouver run from $500 to $1,300 per night.

    "If you really wanted to go to the Olympics, and were inspired by what you've seen so far, I would recommend flying to the border and driving across," she said.

    "I'm excited man," said Rob Upson, who is headed to Vancouver at the last minute.He found airfare for just over $400. "It'll be a blast. I'm going to go up there and see me some hockey events."

    Upson is staying with family in Vancouver, so his only expense is the airfare, and the hockey tickets.

    Craigslist was listing tickets for the men's hockey quarter finals from $250 to $750 per seat.

    For just over $1,000, you too can be a part of Olympics history.