When Belt Comes Back, He’ll Be an Outfielder


Brandon Belt's pining away down in the minors with the Fresno Grizzlies, doing what he does best: raking.

At some point, he's going to be back with the big leagues. That's no question. The only concern was where he would play -- first base or outfield.

Well, it's not a question anymore, as Brian Sabean made it known Thursday that Belt will play in the outfield.

"[Manager Bruce Bochy] talked to [Fresno manager Steve Decker] to figure out a formula to get him a baptism under fire in the outfield," general manager Brian Sabean said. "We know he can play first base."

Indeed they do. Since, you know, he started there on Opening Day. Given the way the team's performed offensively to start their East-Coast road trip, it might behoove them to think about pulling trigger on bringing Belt back sooner than later.

"One thing that we're seeing is that we're not left-handed enough," Sabean said. "We miss [Andres] Torres. Another left-handed hitter up the line certainly would help."

Really, they're just missing some pop. Pablo Sandoval and Buster Posey are obviously going to swing the bat well most of the season, but it's impossible to count on Pat Burrell and Aaron Rowand to stay hot all and/or most of the year, much less ask Miguel Tejada to be too productive.

Injuries are taking their toll, of course, but Belt -- if he's ready to come back up and swing the bat the way he can -- would be a difference-maker.

The team will almost certainly wait until they get back home to welcome him. And, of course, they want to make sure they don't treat him like a yo-yo and cost themselves a year of service time in the process.

But it's pretty clear that Belt will be back with the club sooner than later, and potentially providing the best defensive play of any corner outfielder on the roster.

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