Mike Singletary Will Save 49ers Season With Catchphrases, Slogans

I applaud Mike Singletary for trying to clean up Mike Nolan's mess, and although his intentions aren't solely altruistic -- presumably, he eventually wanted to be a head coach -- he has, in just a month's time, instilled a no-puttin'-up-with-the-BS mentality that was lacking under Nolan.

That was evident when Singletary ran tight end Vernon Davis off the field after a stupid penalty (and his subsequent apology to the world), although the hard-nosed, physical approach to football hasn't magically made the 49ers a playoff team. (I blame Mike Martz.) Not to worry, though; Singletary has a plan. And a slogan: "49ers Formula for Success."

A formula for success seems like something you might not want to broadcast, but Singletary is a Super Bowl-wearing Hall of Famer. I'm a blogger. So here ya go:

1. Total Ball Security
2. Execute
3. Dominate the Trenches
4. Create Great Field Position
5. Finish

Hey, it's just like a Tony Robbins seminar but without the feathered hair and humongous whopper choppers! Honestly, it all sounds a bit late-night-TV-infomercial-tastic, and all the nifty sayings you can think up won't suddenly erase what got San Francisco in their current predicament.

Singletary is undeterred, however. Via the Sacramento Bee's Matt Barrows:

Singletary also is hanging the T.E.D.C.F. banners around the building. And just before the end of practice, a team employee hauls a large signboard with the five rules onto the field. One big difference between Nolan and Singletary is the amount of time Singletary spends talking to the team each day following practice. It's hard to hear what he's saying, but his voice is definitely impassioned, and he's definitely using T.E.D.C.F. to hammer home his point. (Better that than his other prop, right?)

Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just fire Martz and cut J.T. O'Sullivan? I mean, I love slogan's as much as the next guy, but it's impossible to exhibit "total ball security" with O'Sullivan on the roster, and execution becomes a problem when Martz blames the officials for his play-calling.

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