Hunter Pence Appears on ‘Conan,’ ‘Loves Katy Perry’


One of the benefits of winning the World Series is that you can often end up making the rounds on the old celebrity talk-show circuit. Hunter Pence, quirky Giants outfielder, did just that, appearing on Conan on Tuesday night.

Pence, as you might expect, was fantastic. There are two full clips below that are well worth your time to watch. The first involves Katy Perry of all things -- Conan wants to know about Pence watching Part of Me and walking up to the plate to Katy Perry-like music.

"I know what you're hinting at and people got confused -- they got really confused. Early in my career I was heavy metal like Slipknot, Korn, 'I'm going to be angry at the baseball,'" Pence said. "And there was one year where me and Geoff Blum, one of my teammates on the Astros, we decided it would be really funny if we came out to the cheesiest song we could possibly come out to. No one else got it but we loved it. And I chose Katy Perry 'California Girls' so hot it will melt your Popsicle."

"Honestly I was so funny you couldn't take it serious so I would be so relaxed I would hit really well."

In the second clip, Conan and Pence chat about the broken bat that made Pence famous when he magically triple-hit it for a single that scored a run. You know, just your average Giants playoff voodoo.

But the funny part is actually when Pence brings Conan an empty bottle of championship champagne after considering him worthy of a divisional series bat.

Pence is a weird dude, no doubt, but he might end up being a mini-celebrity after this Giants run. He's comfortable up on the stage and just funny enough for the public to embrace.

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