Raiders Fight Under Investigation: Police

Napa Police Department says new evidence has reopened its investigation

The Napa Police Department has confirmed that they are investigating an alleged assault that took place at Raiders Training Camp Facilities in Napa on August 5, but not who the victim and the suspect are in the case.

Allegations surfaced Thursday that Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable may have assaulted assistant coach Randy Hanson, breaking his jaw Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable during that incident.

Napa police refused to be interviewed but released a statement Friday afternoon. Police say they were called on Aug. 6 to the Queen of Valley Hospital regarding a report of an alleged assault that took place the previous morning at the Raiders training facility.

Police say, “The victim reported he had been assaulted by a staff member of the Raider’s organization.” 

The statement says: “The victim did not want any police action or formal charges filed.  The victim refused to identify the responsible or any potential witnesses.  Due to a lack of information provided to the police department the case was closed.  Since that time, new information has come to light which has resulted in the investigation to be re-opened.”

But Napa police say because this is now an ongoing criminal investigation no other information will be provided at this time.

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