Steph Curry: ‘Pure Insanity' NBA Trash Talk Will Appeal in Fanless Games

An incredible amount of trash talk takes place throughout the course of every NBA game. People sitting close enough to the floor get to hear a lot -- if not all -- of it.

It's a different story for people watching on TV, as the crowd noise drowns out most the words that come out of the players' mouths.

But that could be changing because until there's a vaccine for the coronavirus, the expectation is that any future NBA games will be played without fans in attendance.

On Thursday night, Warriors superstar Steph Curry had the following back-and-forth with ABC's Jimmy Kimmel:

Kimmel: "I was wondering -- when you talk to each other, will we be able to hear that? Will we be able to hear the trash talk? It seems like it could potentially be better without the fans there."

Curry: "It would be raw. Everybody has those mics on their jerseys sometimes, and they'll play like the 'Inside Trax' or whatever. This will take it to a whole other level of just pure insanity of what we say on the court. That trash talk that happens, even myself taking part in it.

"But I think everybody -- whether you're on the court or on the bench, all the nonsense -- that might be something that's really appealing from a fan perspective to get real up close and personal with what we do on the court."

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It truly will be fascinating to see what the product looks and sounds like.

While it might end up being enjoyable to some viewers, Steph is not looking forward to arenas being empty.

"It would suck if there weren't any fans," the two-time NBA MVP said last month on the "The Rory & Carson Podcast" with professional golfer Rory McIlroy and NBC television host/personality Carson Daly. "The atmosphere, the adrenaline rush (with fans).

"At home or on the road -- it's so cool just to make those adjustments and feel how you're body feels, and how your mind is racing in those moments."

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Also -- will games have to be on a slight delay so the TV networks can beep out all the profanity? 

I wish that question 100 percent was a joke ...

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