Warriors 3-0 When Starting Turiaf – Why Go Back?

The NBA regular season resumes tonight from those Warrior-less All-Star proceedings, and Golden State find themselves on a nice little three-game win streak.

This streak somehow coincides with Ronny Turiaf as the starting center, in place of the injured Andris Biedrins

These Warriors are on a hot streak, and tonight they face the Lakers -- the team that cast Turiaf off this summer. Turiaf is coming off a double-double. Shouldn't they be maybe thinking of starting Turiaf full-time, and seeing what Biedrins can bring in a trade?

Turiaf says he's happy in his role. "I'm just trying to hold down the fort for Andris," he told the Chronicle. But he must be even happier when he's starting and winning three games in a row.

One of these last three wins was actually just a Knicks game, but two of these wins came against qualityteams. Solid Warrior defense was on display in those wins and less than 100 points were given up in each.

What you give up in points and rebounds with Biedrins out, you make up in Turiaf's steals and blocked shots. Of all the on-court concoctions the mad doctor Coach Nelson has cooked up this year, this one appears to be the most effective.

The Warriors have practically telegraphed that they're throwing in the towel on any trade plans before the Thursday deadline. But that won't stop some of us from constantly refreshing "Warriors Chris Bosh" and "Warriors Amare Stodemire" in our search engine of choice. And Mr. Biedrins is one of the constants in these trade formulas.

If none of this happens, we can still be pleased that the current Warriors roster is on an upswing. Believe it or not, the Eastern Conference has more wins than the Western Conference this year. It is more likely that a Western Conference team with a losing record can make the playoffs.

This team may keep it up and defy expectations, but will we believe?

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