Why Omari Spellman's Turning Point Was Meeting Warriors GM Bob Myers

[CSNBY] Why Omari Spellman's turning point was meeting Warriors GM Bob Myers
Drew Shiller

On June 21, 2018, the Hawks selected Omari Spellman with the No. 30 overall pick in the NBA draft.

On July 8, 2019, Atlanta traded the big man to the Warriors for center Damian Jones and a 2016 second-round pick.

It was a tumultuous rookie season for Spellman, as a battle with his weight resulted in deeper issues off the floor. The organization tried to help him, but to no avail.

"Counseling. Nutritionist. Therapist. It was a lot of s--t they were trying to do," the 22-year-old told Anthony Slater of The Athletic. "Taking my blood work to see if it was (something deeper). I was in a bad place, man. And the people I was around in Atlanta weren't helping me.

"Like, I had a bad circle in Atlanta. I had to learn."

So was getting shipped to the Bay Area the wake-up call he needed? How has Spellman been able to turn things around?

"I got traded here and (Warriors general manager) Bob Myers brought me into a meeting. He literally told me: 'Yo, bro, you have to be under 280 (pounds) or you're not going to play,'" Spellman explained to Slater. "And, like … I was like, man, this is how far you fell. That's how far you've fallen. Like, 280 is the caveat. You have to be 280. Bro, that's heavy as f--k.

"After that, I had a conversation with my agent and my mom. I took a picture. Like, I had a picture in the mirror that I'd look at of myself. I don't know if I can find it. I was just super nasty fat.

"And it was just, nah, bro, it can't be me. So I just started grinding. It was not easy. But I eventually got to where I am. And I'm still trying to figure it out every day."

You have to admire and respect Spellman's honesty and candor. He didn't blame the Hawks or anybody else for his problems. He knew he was on a bad path and took control of his life.

And now that the Villanova product is in a much better place mentally and physically, he is thriving on the court.

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Spellman is averaging 11.0 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.0 blocks over the last seven games, while shooting over 44 percent from 3-point territory.

And on Monday night, he will face his former team.

"As crazy as it sounds, I'm blessed to have been traded," Spellman added. "Because what was about to happen in Atlanta, some people don't come back from that."

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