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Apple Patent Could Lead to 3D, Sans Glasses



    Apple Patent Could Lead to 3D, Sans Glasses

    Earlier this year, there was a ripple in the time space continuum that suggested Apple was looking into potentially incorporating a projector into its MacBook notebook computers. Now, we have another patent that indicates Apple could be messing around with 3D projection display systems sans glasses.

    Techradar has the lowdown on the patent and it goes like this:

    Apple's patent describes using a special reflective screen with a rippled texture which will create the auto-stereoscopic projection system, projecting different images to each eye without the need for 3D glasses. Apple also suggests it can project multiple images to different points on the ripples for multiple users to view at the same time.

    Currently, there are only a bunch of pocket projectors such as the ones by Pico, but none that do 3D on the go. If Apple decides to pursue 3D, you can bet your fanny that the tech world will watch closely. An iPhone with auto-stereoscopic 3D would be blow minds.

    I'm all for glasses-free 3D — it's something I support. If Apple needs to get its hands dirty and join the glasses-free 3D revolution, then so be it. I don't care who mainstreams the tech, so long as it topples entertainment that does require 3D glasses.