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Gamer Beats Super Mario 64 Using His Feet

He might be better with his feet than you are with your hands.



    Gamer Beats Super Mario 64 Using His Feet
    A screen shot from Super Mario 64.

    Think you know your way around a video game controller with your hands? Now try using your feet. YouTuber Vicas3 plays Super Mario 64 differently — with his toes and he's really good at it. Watch this video of Vicas3 grabbing up every star in a level without using his hands for any of the controls.

    The only time he uses his hands is to move the controller so his feet can reach the Z button. Let's just say, we hope he sanitizes the hell out of the controller before letting anyone else play with it and that his feet are at least clean. Otherwise it's just gross.

    Between Vicas3 and Mike "Broly Legs" Begum who plays Street Fighter IV with his face, we're impressed at how skilled gamers are getting.

    YouTube, via NerdApproved

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