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Goodbye, Camera USB Cord



    Goodbye, Camera USB Cord

    Toshiba is trying to push out a new standard in the kind of SDHC memory cards your digital camera probably uses. Personally, we hope the company succeeds. That's because if they do, Toshiba could be delivering wireless capabilities to all SDHC-compatible cameras — and even other devices — bringing a what's now a premium feature to the masses.

    The beauty of the new Wi-Fi memory cards is that you won't have to buy a fancy new wireless-ready camera, such as the Nikon Coolpix P3 (pictured above). Instead, the camera sitting on your shelf, using Toshiba's new technology, would be able to interface with your computer without a cord, and even talk to other memory units directly for photo swapping and the like.

    You won't see these new Wi-Fi memory cards on shelves just yet, however. Toshiba is currently in talks with its partner, Trek 2000, and the pair of companies is trying to attract suitors to the technology.

    Personally, we can't wait. Cameras are just the tip of the iceberg for tech such as this. Imagine if none of the gadgets you carried had built-in storage, but instead beamed all of your data to one centralized place. Maybe it'd be the hard drive of a laptop as the computer acted as a hub, or maybe you'd wear it on your person. Hell, maybe it'd even be sitting home on your desk. The point is, we can't wait to see where Toshiba will take this.

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