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Jawbone App Tracks Caffeine Intake



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    Scott Budman
    Too much caffeine?

    Wearable technology is hot. Jawbone, one of the biggest companies in the wearable space, has got something new, and caffeinated for you to try.

    The company, known in wearable circles for its "UP" wristband that tracks your steps, calories, sleep patterns, and more, has a new app. This one, which will work even if you don't wear the band, will track your caffeine intake, and tell you how it affects your life.

    It's called "Up Coffee," and if you type in the drink you're about to enjoy (doesn't have to be coffee, it can be anything with caffeine), the app will tell you how that drink might affect your sleep, your system, and if you should cool it after one or two cups.

    Jawbone is releasing the app as we head into National Sleep Week. It makes sense: learn about your caffeine intake with an app, and then learn about how well you're sleeping, thanks to the band you wear on your wrist.

    Wearable tech is arguably in its infancy, with everything from healthcare to smartwatches being pitched. How profitable it becomes, will depend on how useful people find it.

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