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Twitter Narcissists Now Powered by Animated Follower Parade



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    The latest proof that Twitter is succeeding in Japan where other Internet brands like Google and Facebook have failed is the creation of IS Parade, an amazingly entertaining, and creepily cute Twitter visualization application.

    Developed by KDDI, one of the largest mobile phone companies in Asia, the app allows anyone to plug their Twitter user name into the site and instantly be greeted by a parade-like image of your Twitter icon being followed by a rather lively group of your real-world followers.

    With cleverly animated bodies (including people "and" animals) and heads represented by their Twitter icons, the parade and it's accompanying otherworldly music actually does give one the sense that all those followers out there might actually be actively engaged in one's lifestream. And, you can click on any marching follower to read their latest tweet. If you think you might need a Monday morning ego pick-me-up to start the week, you can rally your own Twitter parade here.

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