Indian “Laptop” Is World's Cheapest at $35

Researchers in India claim to have put together a computer that costs — parts and all — only 35 smackaroos. That's cheaper than that $65 laptop from not too long ago, and surprisingly this tablet-like device is no slouch.

The Linux tablet was shown off by India's Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal, who said the device is intended for use at educational institutions all the world over. What's more, $35 is just the starting point. The team behind that tablet working from technical and scientific institutes in the country want to eventually get that price down to $20, and finally $10.

For only $35, you get a touchscreen tablet that can browse the Internet, read PDFs and even video conference. There's even space inside the device so that its capabilities could be expanded.

If all goes according to plan, students around the world can expect to see something like this sometime in 2011.

Via Reuters

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