Jammin' at CES With Gear Inspired by Bob Marley

House of Marley goes tech featuring new eco-friendly audio equipment

In a sea of dark-framed glasses, tech-geeks, and gadget fanatics, you don’t expect to see dreadlocks and a Jamaican accent. 

“Greeting! This is Rohan Marley, I am a member of the House of Marley, as you can tell,” said Rohan, the son of legendary Rastafarian Bob Marley .

Rohan Marley presented the House of Marley’s newest collection of earbuds, headphones, docking stations, speakers and boom boxes.
The House of Marley is a tribute to Bob Marley’s ideals of love for music, sustainability and charity into eco-conscious products.

“My father would not be apart of something that doesn’t contribute back to the earth,” Rohan Marley said. “Where doing this eco-friendly, the closest to the earth as possible.”
The collection offers vibrant colored earbuds, Rastafarian-inspired headphones and a bohemian speaker bag that lets you take your music anywhere -- all  of which are made from recycled aluminum and plastics.
The collection embodies Bob Marley’s values of equality, unity, authenticity, sustainability and charity.
“We want something that is everlasting that can go generations upon generations,” Rohan Marley said.

A portion of proceeds will benefit 1Love.org, a not-for-profit business created with the Marley family which supports charities that empower youth, protect our planet and encourage global peace.
“Our father shared his vision with our family and his fans through the gift of the messages in his music and it is our mission and responsibility to push the movement forward,” said Cedella Marley, Bob Marley’s daughter. “The House of Marley and the MARLEY audio products that bear our family name were created to spread our father’s music and vision to a new generation.”
Prices range from $29.99 to $499.99.

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