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Pit Bulls Chew Car Apart to Get at Kitten



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    The lost kitten was in a hollow area near the front bumper and front fender. Tantalizingly close for the four pit bulls.

    A kitten holed-up in a car's bumper irresistibly baited four pit bulls overnight.kitten, pit bulls The pit bulls subsequently almost tore the car apart. The car's owner awoke to the damages and a flat tire.

    And he still had to get to work.

    After driving 25 miles from Banning, Calif., to Palm Springs, Calif., the kitten was still in the bumper -- having survived four pit bulls and a 25-mile commute.

    And all this before breakfast.

    Animal Control helped the car's owner dislodge the bumper to remove the kitten, since dubbed Fender-Lynx (pictured). She is a female American tabby and is about 7 weeks old.

    Fender-Lynx is at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter and is available for a $20 pre-adoption this Saturday. It's doubtful she'll have any trouble finding a new home.