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A Robot To Prowl Your Parking Lot

Security is getting automated



    A Robot to Prowl Your Parking Lot

    NBC Bay Area's Scott Budman reports on how security is getting automated. (Published Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013)

    Remember RoboCop?

    It’s real. Sort of.

    Inside a Bay Area's Burlingame Hyatt hotel, a robot from a company called Knightscope is prowling around, looking futuristic, sinister, and adorable all at the same time. Think of it as a mix of R2D2 and RoboCop.

    We love robots here in Silicon Valley, and this one offers a lot: Night vision, GPS, ultraviolet lighting, predictive analysis, and lots of technology. It’s five feet tall, and it's a looker.

    And if drones are the future of gift giving, this ‘bot might just be the future of security.

    My turn to take it for a spin came, and K5 as it's called (because if it's height) performed well. It rolls anywhere you want it to, spins, and stops whenever you need a clean feed of video, or a photo taken. It can, thanks to a master control set up back home, compile data, and help officers find perpetrators.

    It can also, just by being seen, become a deterrent. A 5-foot robot that rolls around say, a parking lot, is probebly going to give a criminal pause before comitting a crime.

    The whole robot is designed and made in California. Knightscope is based in a Sunnyvale incubator. It's trying to raise seed finding now, and plans to beta test K5 in 2014.

    Look for it at a future sporting event, parking lot, or concert near you.

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