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Visit SF's Heart Break Hotel



    Online Dating Scam Artist Targets SJ Divorcee

    Sometimes Cupid’s not very kind.

    One day, your lover breaks up with you.Then, your stuff ends up on the curb. Except for the furry handcuffs you both used to “play” with.

    Yeah, those are now in a "museum" for the whole world to see.

    SF’s Root Division art gallery is opening the traveling Museum of Broken Relationships just in time for – surprise – Valentines Day. The museum is a collection of anonymously donated reminders of painful heartbreaks:

    Museum Of Broken Relationships

    [BAY] Museum Of Broken Relationships
    A pair of artists have collected items from people that are a symbol of their broken relationshiips. NBC producer delves into the exhibit, through his own broken love history.
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2009)

    The aforementioned pink furry handcuffs (Perhaps they should’ve tried the plain steel ones).

    An axe (Shouldn’t this be in an evidence room somewhere?).

    A pair of undies, color: orange (Need we say more?).

    You’re probably wondering why put all this on display? If you guessed that this is “a grand effort to honor the emotional heritage of humankind" (quoting the exhibitors), then you win… absolutely nothing. You can learn more about the Museum at