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    Scott Budman
    the electric race car

    In a city that doesn't even pause for $150,000 cars anymore, we found a way to make heads turn: Put an electric battery into a genuine race car.

    Eleven engineering students from the Imperial College in London did just that, and the result is a stunner.  A full-blown sports car, capable of 150 mph top speeds, that can go 0-60 in three seconds.  And, see what it looks like?  Even while standing still on the curb, it stopped traffic along San Francisco's Embarcadero, where it took a break on its way from Alaska to Argentina, a 16,000 mile journey to raise awareness about electric cars.

    It's even cooler while not standing still.  As you rush by traffic, hearing only the wind (after all, it's an electric car), you realize that electric + car does not have to equal soft and boring.  We already know this from Tesla, of course, and as Andy Hadland of the Racing Green Endurance Team says, "We'd like two supercars out there, rather than one."

    So far, so good.

    The Racing Green car can go 300 miles without needing a charge -- all while in total racing garb.  Unlike the Tesla (or Volt, or Leaf or Fisker), this car is a rolling experiment.  The results speak well of the future of electric vehicles.

    "We want to show people electric cars can be the future," Racing Green's Nikolaus Sauer said. "They can be sexy, fun to drive -- and that's what gets people interested."

    Judging by the looks we got driving by, interest is definitely up.