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Sound Reactive Nightgown Has Us Scratching Our Heads



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?
    We don't get the sound reactive dress either.

    Straight from the designer who brought you the digital bra and musical panties, here's the Sound Reactive Nightgown. We're not sure if this is an art piece or tech demo, but when you yell, speak or make noises in the vicinity of this dainty garment, it starts lifting up provocatively. This could be a solution to that age-old problem accompanying the phrase, "We never talk any more."

    Why does this exist? Well, one reason is to show how Flexinol works, that shape memory alloy that returns back to its original form when stimulated. Is there some parallel in the natural world? Oh, we get it, it's a "think piece." Or maybe there are other uses for this tech. Ponder this over the weekend.

    Meanwhile, hey! Check out this bizarre video. Hey!