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In Desperation, Palm Drops Pixi's Price to $25

Will the price slash be enough to open a new market for the smartphone maker?



    In Desperation, Palm Drops Pixi's Price to $25
    Meet the dirt cheap Palm Prixi.

    Palm is finally speaking a language cool kids understand: cheap.

    Less than a week after introducing the Palm Pixi smartphone to the world, Amazon has slashed the price to an eye-popping $25 for the smartphone.

    The scaled down Pre -- running the well reviewed Linux-based webOS -- was Palm's attempt to reach a younger audience. But good looks alone have not been enough to draw hype away from the Motorola Droid and to pull customers' gaze away from the iPhone's intoxicating touch screen. Hence Palm's desperate move to push the phone. But will it be enough to draw in new users?

    Reviewers want to love the phone but they have dogged it for its sluggish performance, lack of apps and just generally missing an opportunity by leaving WiFi off the phone and abandoning users to fend for themselves with Sprint's temperamental 3G network. Palm may want to consider adding its "illegal" iTunes workaround back to its phones.