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San Francisco Declared the Country's Sexiest

Carol Doda would be so proud.



    San Francisco Declared the Country's Sexiest
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    The Coast Guard reported that a freighter hit the rocks west of the Golden Gate Bridge on Tuesday evening. (Photo By Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    San Francisco is probably best known for being home to the reigning World Series Champions, for being the place where Tony Bennett left his heart, and for owning the real estate that anchors the world's most iconic bridge.

    Picturesque? For sure. But sexy?

    Apparently so.

    The travel site Orbitz has declared San Francisco the sexiest city in the country.  They picked six cities they declared sexy and then asked clients to vote.

    Here's why Orbitz put us on their top six list:


    A host of Michelin-starred restaurants, a short drive to world class wine country and a thriving nightlife make San Francisco a sexy spot for everyone from millionaires to celebs looking to escape L.A (Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio were recently spotted at S.F.’s swanky Redwood Room). The City By the Bay is also the backdrop for one of the year’s hottest movies (The Social Network) and home to A-Listers like Clint Eastwood, Sharon Stone and the guys from Green Day. 


    1. San Francisco - 18 percent of the vote
    2. Miami – 16 percent of the vote
    3. Las Vegas – 15 percent
    4. New York – 13 percent
    5. Los Angeles - 2 percent
    6. Chicago - 2 percent

    The real winner is "other." A third of the people voted that none of the above list made the cut for sexy. Orbitz claimed that proves beauty is still in the eyes of the beholder.