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    She She Shoes
    Corinne Phipps - Urban Darling
    Jill Stapleton, owner of She She Shoes

    We love the corporate world escapees out here in the South Bay!

    This one was committed for 10 years before opening She She Shoes in downtown Los Gatos, Calif.

    Jill Stapleton, owner and operator, has a serendipitous relationship with the location of her store (how many retailers can say that?). Prior to the opening of her store, She She Shoes was another shoe store where Jill worked in high school – talk about meant to be.

    Now let's talk shoes. If you know Los Gatos, you know that the market out here bears the jaw dropping $600 pair of Manolos.  Jill lovingly refers to her store as "the poor rich kids shoe store" because she wanted to have realistic prices for everyone. Her fashion fun contemporary brands will never set you back more than $300. Trusted brand name shoes in this paupers store include: KORS, Rebecca Taylor, Dani Black, Diane von Furstenberg, Claudia Ciuti, and Bernardo. Jill tends to “like stuff that is a little different, not so major retailer.”

    Of all the brands in She She Shoes, I love Butter. Butter shoes are comfortable, made in Italy (of course) and have Hollywood inspiration for everyday style and glamour. Sam Edleman is swiftly moving up in favor as Pour le Victore.

    For those who are globally conscious, She She Shoes carries Toms Shoes. The Toms Shoes mission is simple: for every pair of shoes sold, another is given to a child in need. In fact, over 140,000 pairs of shoes have been given to children around the world thus far. Lucky for Jill she went to college with Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes. Toms Shoes are a big hit in the teen market, and they're just as popular with serious fashionistas and style mavens over 60.

    Jill felt confident starting a retail business in the middle of a crappy economy, she didn't let it turn her off or scare her away . “If I can be solid now [in this economy] things can only go up.” Bravo Jill, bravo!

    She She Shoes - 130 N. Santa Cruz Avenue #D, Los Gatos, CA 95030 - 408-354-3355 -

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