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Giants' Brian Wilson Declares Himself 'Pain-Free'

The Beard says he's no longer hurting. That makes Giants fans feel good.



    David Parkinson via National Weather Service Data

    The Beard is back. From pain, that is.

    Brian Wilson, the San Francisco Giants' eccentric, wild-and-wooly closer, pitched through pain during most of 2011 -- he had elbow pain throughout all of last season, he said. Bad enough for a pitcher, but how about some back and hip pain to go along with it?

    That could be part of the reason why Wilson's numbers dipped from a league-leading 48 saves in 2010 and a miniscule 1.81 ERA to more human figures of 36 saves and a 3.11 ERA in 2011.

    All that is over now, as the pitcher declared himself pain-free in 2012, the San Jose Mercury News reported. "It was pain-free, no ailments or inflammation," Wilson said of his right elbow, which also caused him to miss a fair bit of the second half of the season. "I don't imagine there will be any hiccups."

    Wilson said that he pitched through pain because he knows no other way: he dislikes taking days off, and won't take himself out of a game. He'll pitch left-handed before he steps off of the mound, he said -- which is why it's probably a good thing the right arm is working.