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What To Watch Out For During Calif. Hospital Stay



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    A new pdf shows exactly how many problems your hospital sees each year.

    When you enter a hospital in California, the biggest problem likely to occur during your stay is a case of bedsores, according to a report released by the state.

    California Watch obtained the data, which involves adverse events from July 2007 to July 2010, under the Public Records Act.

    Read it for yourself here (PDF).

    When you look at the list, it appears the most common issue is a high number of patients developing bedsores or “decubitis ulcers” during their stay.

    The list specifies adverse events broken down by hospital. 

    We looked at UCSF Medical Centers at random and found the following:

    • 149 adverse events
    • 1 surgery on wrong body part
    • 5 foreign objects left in body
    • 3 deaths/serious disability due to medical errors