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A's Owner: San Jose Option Could Be Dead By End of Year

A's owner warns that San Jose stadium idea could be over



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    Lew Wolff is no longer Bud Selig's right-hand man.

    The San Jose A's could be going the way of the Fremont A's.

    The Oakland Athletics could be staying put, or at least any chance of a San Jose stadium could be dead by the end of the year pending a decision from Major League Baseball, team owner Lew Wolff told the Los Angeles Times.
    Wolf has been trying to build a new stadium in San Jose for almost four years, according to reports. At issue are "territorial rights," a kind of zoning imposed by MLB. Currently, San Jose is zoned San Francisco Giants orange and black, meaning that the league won't let the A's play at a venue in that city.
    Wolff is waiting for a decision from MLB commissioner Bud Selig, who may hand down a decision "that could delay construction another year," according to the San Jose Mercury News.
    Any decision that could delay construction or impose difficult criteria "might as well" be a "no," Wolff said.
    That would be good for Oakland faithful. Or would it? 
    "It's uncertain what time frame Selig has in mind [to make the decision affecting the two Bay Area major league teams], or what conditons he could impose on either club," according to reports.