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Prison For Man Who Killed Girlfriend In Attempt to Shoot Dog

A Mendocino County man who killed his girlfriend while attempting to shoot her dog will serve 15 years in prison.



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    All a Mendocino County man was trying to do was shoot his girlfriend’s Chihuahua. But he missed, killed her instead, and will serve 15 years in prison, a judge ruled this week.

    Samuel Campos, 46, shared a 40-foot trailer near Willits with his girlfriend, Josephine Navarro, with whom he had an argument on the early hours of January 2, according to a report in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. But it wasn’t Navarro that was the focus on Campos’s ire during the night in question – it was Navarro’s Chihuahua dog, which “feared” Campos after Campos had broken the dog’s leg and which was the focus of the couple’s prior argument, according to reports.

    After a night of drinking, Campos became angry with the dog, and fired two shots from a firearm to kill it, he told a Mendocino County court. He missed with the first shot. While Navarro held the dog, the second shot struck her in the chest, a “stupid and bad act,” Campos told the court.

    Campos then fled the trailer, leaving Navarro to bleed to death. He did not contact authorities until after he consulted with a lawyer.

    A native of El Salvador in the United States illegally, Campos will be deported once he finishes his prison term.

    The dog suffered a minor wound on its snout. Its current whereabouts were not immediately known.