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Rumor: 4GB Xbox 360 Arcade Coming This Fall



    The new Xbox 360 has a whopping 250GB HDD and is priced the same as the old standard Xbox 360. But what of the cheaper, hard-drive-free Xbox 360 Arcade? It looks like it may be getting an upgrade as well.

    One major complaint by game developers about the Xbox 360 Arcade was that the lack of a hard drive prevented them from having games install any files on the console to speed up loading times. But if this AmazonGermany listing is accurate, Microsoft is fixing this buy building 4GB worth of hard drive space into this new console.

    The price is listed at $189, which would be reasonable for a lower-end version of the console (although I'd expect it to be more like $199), and the release date is set for August 20th. Is Amazon Germany to be trusted? Time will tell.

    Amazon Germany via Joystiq

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