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Internet Porn Saga "Middle Men" Bought By Paramount, Out Soon



    "Middle Men," a sweeping epic based on the true story of the two men largely responsible for turning the internet into a cross between a porn theater and an ATM, has been bought by Paramount, which plans to release it later this year.

    The film, which debuted at Cannes last year, stars Luke Wilson, Giovanni Ribisi, Kevin Pollak, James Caan, Terry Crews and Kelsey Grammer is summarized on its MySpace page thusly:

    Jack Harris has a faithful and loving wife, two beautiful children, and a successful career fixing companies. When an associate calls him about an opportunity to help turn around a business that has fallen into trouble, he decides to take the job. Little does he know, it is a decision that will change his life in ways he never expected.

    Jack meets with Wayne Beering and Buck Dolby, two genius but troubled men who have invented a way to sell adult entertainment over the internet. The plan was brilliant but the execution wasn't; They were making money hand-over-fist and losing it just as fast. Seeing the potential, Jack agrees to partner with Buck and Wayne, devising a way to bill the entertainment through a third party, taking the guilt out of the ultimate guilty pleasure.

    Before he knows it, he finds himself caught between the Russian mob, a 23-year old porn star, the FBI and losing his family in the process of becoming rich.

    Witness a story so outrageous, you won't believe it's true. A story that proves business is a lot like sex... getting in is easy, pulling out is hard.

    Judging by the extensive for-mature-audiences-only trailer -- which can be found at the 45:35 mark of this clip from the Kevin Pollack Chat Show -- the film is a mix of "Blow," "Boogie Nights," "Casino," "Lord of War" and "Traffic" thrown into a blender. Can't wait.