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Apple's 'House of Tomorrow' Today?



    An old Apple patent could mean a new way for Apple to control your home -- with AirPlay.

    Apple's old 2004 patent was created to automate one's home, synchronizing machines and devices into one of those old World's Fair "Home of the Future" displays, according to Patently Apple. However, Apple's modern iOS can now provide more.

    "It began with Apple TV, moved on to Apple Remote and now unto AirPlay. The interfaces that are shown in this patent's various patent figures provides us with hints of something like AirPlay, except that it goes much further; Meaning that the patent doesn't only focus on TV-oriented entertainment but rather a kind of master plan for complete home automation," Jack Purcher wrote.

    Apple also patented a home energy dashboard in 2010, which also fits into the whole idea of home automation. AirPlay, the wireless technology most known for streaming media, can also be integrated into machines for any wireless use. Imagine turning a home or office's lights, sprinklers or air conditioning on or off with an iPhone or iPad.

    While there are many home automated systems already in place, this new technology could mean many more Apple products to come.