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Prop Zero Links: Wednesday, June 16



    Everything Old Is Renewable Again: Back in the 1970s, Jerry Brown pitched some ideas about solar and wind power. He's back for another green go-round. [SF Gate]

    The GOP Heads West: California's days as a GOP "flyover" state are over. [LA Times]

    We're Counting on This:
    A bill before the U.S. Senate includes $1.8 billion in aid to California. That's money the state already included in its budgeting. [Sacramento Bee]

    The ABCs of SB 1381: It's the latest bill that would exclude 4-year-olds from kindergarten, and it passed the Senate. [Educated Guess]

    "Mama Grizzly" Feminism:Susan Rose of California Women Lead takes a look at "why some women candidates just aren't feminists." [Calbuzz]