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Bryan Stow Suffers Medical Set Back



    This past weekend was a difficult one for Bryan Stow and his family.

    They saw an outpouring of financial support from mostly strangers who were touched by the story of the Giants fan critically injured outside a Dodger game on March 31. His family's fund now stands at more than $300,000.

    But Stow's medical condition suffered set back. His doctors attempted to take him off the medications that were keeping him in a coma, but that attempt failed when Stow suffered seizures Sunday morning. Because of the seizures his doctors said they were forced to put him back into a medically induced coma.

    His doctors said they will continue to monitor him closely to see when they can try again.

    The hospital says his family remains at his bedside.

    Experts say each patient that suffered a traumatic brain injury such as Stow's reacts differently to the medication and some emerge within three to five days of being taken off, while others unfortunately never come to.

    At this stage it is still too early to tell what Stow's prognosis will be.