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Did Stow Attack Lead Dodgers to Cancel Half-Price Alcohol?



    The Los Angeles Dodgers have now canceled six where lower-priced alcohol was being used as a promtion, the team announced in a press release.

    What they didn't announce: there's a direct correlation to the attack on Bryan Stow and his current medical state and the sudden decision to exclude alcohol from these events

    None of the scheduled games, which ran through August, were ever going to include a Giants matchup. It shows that the Dodgers are actually starting to come around to the fact that there are dangers abounding in their stadium, especially for visiting fans.

    Because just a few days ago, you wouldn't have thought that Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt cared about much more than selling beer.

    "I don't think it's the sale of beer that's a problem, per se. I think it's the abuse of that privilege," McCourt said recently.

    There might be some truth to that, but it's ownership/management's responsibility to put the fans in situations that don't encourage over-consumption. 

    A lack of security, a hostile game environment, a potentially hostile area around the stadium, cheap beer and a management group that doesn't seem invested in maintaining security all seem to do that.

    Thankfully, the folks in charge of the Dodgers finally seem to be coming around. That won't do much to help Stow get out of the hospital, but hopefully the public light that's being shed on the Dodger Stadium situation can prevent any further incidents like that from happening.