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iPhone 4 Day: 1 Reason to Jump in Line



    You've undoubtedly heard a lot of the hype about iPhone 4, but now that we have one in our hands, we'll tell you the most important reason why it's worth it to buy one. It's a reason that's immediately obvious to everyone who first holds this trinket in their hands. We showed it to quite a few people already, and the routine is exactly the same: They pick it up, I say please don't drop it, and what do you think is the first thing they notice?

    It's the screen. There's been lots of bickering about whether this "retina display" is sharper than the human eye can see. But in the first instance after first looking at it, its spectacular sharpness is the first thing everyone notices. To the average human eye, its pixels are invisible, and even to those with the sharpest eyesight, the screen has reached the limit of practicality — if its resolution were any higher, it's hard to imagine that anyone would be able to tell.

    The screen is so tack-sharp, it presents a brand-new problem: Any application or icon that hasn't been specifically designed for its 960 x 640 resolution is immediately crappy looking by comparison. Besides all of the other compelling reasons to snap up this latest iPhone 4, such as its beautiful design that makes it easier to hold in your hands, its faster processor and its new front-facing camera, its screen's unsurpassed resolution is the best new feature of all. It's simply the finest video display I've ever seen, anywhere.