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Books. So. Many. Books. (And Authors, Too)



    FESTIVAL OF BOOKS: If you've ever attended the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which by any measure is a gargantuan event, you probably have that special find. Nope, not the latest bestseller signed by that one hot scribe (although you can get that at the Festival, certainly). Rather, you probably treasure something a bit quirkier, something a bit stranger, maybe a small press poetry book, or a colorful bio signed by Sid and Marty Krofft (okay, that was ours). Whatever your pagely delight, bet you'll find more of it at the 2011 Festival, which is at the University of Southern California over the April 30 and May 1 weekend.

    NEW HOME: This is year #1 for the fest and the near-downtown campus (the fest had taken place at UCLA for many years). But the dozens upon dozens upon hundreds of authors will still be paneling it up; 2011 headliners include Demetri Martin, Ricky Jay, Pico Iyer, Carol Higgins Clark and Mary Higgins Clark. There are so many panels and various events that attendees should read ahead and make a schedule. Just be sure to leave time to find your own Krofft book, or personal offbeat treasure.