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Historic Hotels Hearts San Francisco



    INNS WITH A PAST: What's your favorite vintage photograph of a local hotel? There are plenty to choose from. The one that usually sticks with us is at the Cable Car Museum. It's the Fairmont, on its big hilltop, circa 1907. We'd say not much is around it, but that isn't exactly true. Certainly, though, much less is around it, and it makes an imposing sight without the dozens of buildings that buttress it today. Of course, San Francisco is rife with hotels that were built before their immediate neighbors, and Historic Hotels of America is currently featuring a quartet of them in its City Spotlight. If you like deals, and you like staircases and hallways with stories, we wanna City Spotlight ya now.

    THE DEALS: There's a Luxury Romance package on at the Palace, a family-focused deal at the Omni, a Bed & Breakfast package on at both the InterContinental Mark Hopkins and the Fairmont. Of course, the hotels have other deals on, but those are the ones highlighted by Historic Hotels, so have a looksie. And now we must bid this post adieu, as we intend to spend the next ten minutes deep within the Timeline page at the Historic Hotels site. If you like your inns with background, you'll like this feature. Set aside a few minutes to enjoy it, though.