Cinequest Presents Picture the Possibilites: Youth Changing Our World, March 3-5

Jamie Squire/Chris Graythen/Getty Images Sport

In a stunning display of the transformative powers of creativity and technology, Cinequest Picture the Possibilites (PTP) Youth will gather with Silicon Valley leaders to debut Life is Love (feature film), fifty short films and the "7 Powers of Creating" book and program. Through these movies and their commitment to a life of creating positives through art and science, PTP youth connect with youth around the globe and leaders ready to unite with them to drive change.

PTP world premiere events include:

  • Cinequest Connect at Electronic Arts, Monday, March 3: PTP youth, from around the world, will converge in Silicon Valley to connect with leaders, compnay employees and global luminaries to share their creations and empower each other.
  • Life is Love at Cinequest Film Festival, Wednesday, March 5: The world premiere of the feature documentary Life is Love occurs at 7pm at the California Theatre in San jose.

More information and details about Picture the Possibilities can be found on Cinequest's website


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