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Report: Scientology Big Wig Beats Poor Little Thetans

Leader's bully behavior would make Xenu blush



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    David Miscavige has been acting more Xenu and less L. Ron, according to former Scientology executives who claim Miscavige beats church members.

    The head of scientology may have to be taken down a couple of OT levels after a new published report revealed that the "spiritual leader" is prone to violence.
    It takes an emotional man to stir the likes of Tom Cruise to go jumping on couches and make John Travolta do Battlefield Earth, but it appears the emotions may be getting the better of David Miscavige.

    Four former church execs are claiming the religion's de facto leader hit staff members dozens of times, according to the St. Petersburg Times.
    Miscavige would strike the staff without warning, sometimes for not answering a question quickly enough, and always as a punishment, according to the former Scientologists.
    One exec called the beatings "random and whimsical."
    The church has denied the allegations, saying the execs are trying to destroy Miscavidge's image through "absolute and total lies."